Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Can we just answer the question and be done with it?

The San Diego Union-Tribune continues its Peevey/UCLA story. For those readers who have not kept up, Michael Peevey - former head of the Public Utilities Commission - arranged for Southern California Edison to give a research grant on greenhouse gas to UCLA. But it appears that if there were any violations of policy, they weren't at UCLA. As we have noted in prior posts, the problems uncovered seem to be with Peevey and the PUC.* However, by not responding to a simple question from the newspaper, UCLA is creating more difficulties for itself than would be created by whatever the answer is:

...Peevey, who accepted a seat on the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation advisory board at the same time he was negotiating the greenhouse gas grants, has not responded to questions about his backchannel communications with utilities and others since he left the commission. UCLA has not responded to questions, for at least two weeks, about whether Peevey remains on the Luskin board...

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A simple answer would be music to our ears:
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