Saturday, May 30, 2015

Still drawing a blank on the Regents meeting of May 27

We continue to report on the (lack of) progress of the Regents in "archiving" the meeting of the Committee on Investments of May 27. So far, we are literally drawing a blank when we attempt to access the streaming version of the meeting. As we have noted umpteen times, the Regents' version of "archiving" is preservation for only one year. For that reason, we have been archiving the audio of the meetings indefinitely since history lasts longer than one year. It's a laborious process since recording the audio can only be done in real time, i.e., 1 hour of meeting time requires 1 hour of recording time. But we can't even do that if the Regents' website isn't operating.

Anyway, as of 7 am this morning, there is nothing to see:

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