Monday, May 11, 2015

Coming Soon: May Revise

We are due soon for the May Revise of the governor's proposed budget. A Daily Bruin reporter told yours truly over the weekend that it would be on Tuesday (tomorrow). At the moment, there is nothing to that effect on the calchannel schedule or the guv's website. But it will be this week.

A sign the May Revise is coming soon is that news articles are starting to appear about it:

Lawmakers expect Gov. Jerry Brown to suggest spending more tax dollars on public schools and community colleges while asking for more money to be set aside for a rainy day when he releases his updated budget this week. But with a growing $3 billion surplus, Democrats who control the Legislature will jockey to increase funding for child care, higher education and other social programs...

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Note that the May Revise is not the final word. The legislature must enact a budget by mid-June which could deviate from what the governor proposes. However, he does have line-item veto authority. As we have noted in prior blog posts, the fact that UC prez Napolitano has been appealing to folks to write to the guv in support of more money for UC suggests that the Committee of Two hasn't arrived at some mutually-satisfactory deal. Next week (May 20-21), the Regents will meet and presumably discuss whatever is in the May Revise. No agenda has yet been posted.

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