Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Listen to the Regents Afternoon Meeting of May 21, 2015

The afternoon meeting of the Regents began with a student representative talking about sexual assault and harassment policy and tuition increases for grad and professional students. [Note: Scroll down on this blog for a post today about UC law schools.] There was a talk by Berkeley Prof. Shuji Nakamura who won the Nobel Prize in physics dealing in part with energy saving lighting technology. Allocations of revenues for the Dept. of Energy labs were approved. Rates of return and charges for the endowment were also approved. An extensive presentation was made on the changing environment for the campus health care enterprises. The buzz phrase seemed to be "System of Systems." That presentation was followed by a closed session of the Committee on Compensation. (On the audio link below, the silence during the closed session has been edited out.) When the Regents came back into open session, compensation and incentive enhancements for a UC-Davis basketball coach were approved. It was noted that the package included the Regents' new policy that academic progress of athletes should be part of such arrangements. Finally, various awards were distributed and thank-yous were made.

You can hear the afternoon session at the link below:

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Stopple said...

Professor Nakamura is UC Santa Barbara faculty.