Sunday, May 10, 2015

Emory Lament

Can we file away these complaints?
Contemporary college teaching apparently grates on a professor from Emory U like, well, an emery board, and he writes about grade inflation and other matters that have gone wrong since the Good Old Days in the New York Times:

In the coming weeks, two million Americans will earn a bachelor’s degree and either join the work force or head to graduate school. They will be joyous that day, and they will remember fondly the schools they attended. But as this unique chapter of life closes and they reflect on campus events, one primary part of higher education will fall low on the ladder of meaningful contacts: the professors.That’s what students say. Oh, they’re quite content with their teachers; after all, most students receive sure approval. In 1960, only 15 percent of grades were in the “A” range, but now the rate is 43 percent..

Full set of gripes at

Ah, if only we could go back to those Good Old Days:

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