Thursday, May 28, 2015

More on Faculty Center Election

We previously blogged about issues related to the current election of officers at the UCLA Faculty Center.* The Daily Bruin has now picked up the story:

The UCLA Faculty Center Nominations Committee presented a slate for next year’s presidential positions consisting of current presidents last week, instead of considering nominations by general members. The Nominations Committee has only suggested the current presidential representatives once before, said Julie Sina, president-elect and chair of the Nominations Committee. Faculty members will vote to approve the slate by June 10... Current President Claudia Mitchell-Kernan said the committee nominated the same people for the positions to further improve the financial status with strategies developed this year...

“The election process (this year) was clumsily, rudely and undemocratically handled,” said Joseph Nagy, a former president of the UCLA Faculty Center. “The ballot that was sent out to the members last week is a farce. I am embarrassed and shocked by what the members of the current board in charge of the election have done.” Bette Billet, president emerita of the UCLA Faculty Women’s Club, expressed her concerns about the election in an email, which was released on a blog post on the faculty center’s [sic] blog.** Billet said the election process concerned her because it seemed to be an unconstitutional irregularity... 

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**The article confuses the Faculty Center with the Faculty Association. The latter has no connection to the former and has no position on the election. Yours truly has asked the Bruin to make the correction. (The posting to which the article refers was on this blog.)

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