Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Regents to Be Asked to Leave Pay Increases to the President

There will be other items on the agenda of the upcoming Regents meeting (July 12-14) apart from the budget-related tuition increase discussed in early blog posts. For example, the Regents are asked to delegate certain authority over pay increases to the UC president:

Regents Policy 7203, adopted in November 2005 and subsequently amended in July 2010, established the goal of obtaining, prioritizing, and directing funds, to the extent such funds were available, to increase salaries to achieve market comparability for all groups of employees over a ten year period. Upon adoption, the policy included language requiring annual approval by the Regents of campus and Office of the President allocations for this purpose. Approval of campus allocations is inconsistent with both past practice and the President’s role as steward of the operational and transactional aspects of the University operating under the direction of the Regents. Determining allocations for each campus is a responsibility that more appropriately rests with the President as a means of implementing the policy goals established by the Regents.

Therefore, the Regents are requested to amend the policy to rescind the requirement that the Regents approve campus and Office of the President allocations of salary funds. All other aspects of Regents Policy 7203 remain unchanged.

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And who would know better?

PS: Although there are no surprises given previous statements from UC, the report on the tuition increase is at


Anonymous said...

Well, the toadies & ass kissers will benefit from this. Who could ask for anything more?

Anonymous said...

19% unemployment in California: University of California President Yudof raises tuition and gives pay increases to Faculty.

Put students first!!!!