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Competition for the UCLA Grand Hotel

Competition for the UCLA Grand Hotel

From the Bruin: A new hotel opened in Westwood this month.

Palisociety, a real estate development and hospitality operating company, opened the Palihotel in Westwood Village on May 8. The Palihotel occupies the same building as the former Claremont Hotel, which was established in 1939 and was the first hotel in Westwood before it was sold in 2017.

Palisociety has four other Los Angeles hotels in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Melrose and Culver City.

Palisociety founder Avi Brosh said in an email statement that the company chose Westwood as its location due to the neighborhood’s historical appeal and the atmosphere surrounding it.

“When this unique, historic building found its way to us, we knew it was the right opportunity to bring the Palihotel brand to the neighborhood,” Brosh said. “Along the way, we’ve found so many new things to love about the area and are happy to be a part of the community.”

Brosh said he thinks Westwood offers tourists and UCLA families a convenient place to stay.

“We also think Westwood is a hidden gem for leisure and business clientele coming to LA to explore the city and hope we can attract people to the neighborhood to see it in a whole new light,” Brosh said.

Andrew Thomas, Westwood Village Improvement Association executive director, said he thinks the Palihotel is part of a trend of new hotels opening in Westwood Village. The number of hotels in Westwood has risen from two to five since 2011, Thomas said.

Thomas said the Claremont Hotel was originally zoned to be outside of the Westwood district, which meant it could not receive services or benefits from the WVIA. The association is looking into whether the zoning for the building has changed since the Palihotel opened, he added.

Thomas said he thinks the Palihotel will benefit the Westwood community whether or not it is zoned within Westwood.

“They’ve obviously put a lot of money, thought and energy into developing a great use, and I think that helps us all,” Thomas said. “The more development, attention, money and energy that we have that comes into our district, the better off I think we are.”

...Brosh said the Palisociety hotel seeks to offer an inviting place for UCLA students and parents, as well as to tourists and those who desire to travel the city.

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