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Listen to the Regents Meeting of Nov. 16, 2016

As noted in numerous prior posts, we provide an indefinite archiving of the audio of Regents meetings since the Regents themselves "archive" for only one year.

Under the new format of Regents meetings, there are several concurrent sessions of committees. The committee meetings now run longer than they used to under the old format. (Work expands to fit the time available, etc.) So a day's meetings audios run on for hours.

However, under the new format, the temporary archiving is done on YouTube which means we can extract the audio soon after each session ends. (It's less straight-forward than that description sounds, but we will spare you the technical details.) So we first archive the audios and then, when we have time, we will listen.

For now, we provide links below that will take you to all the Nov. 16 sessions, plus a description of highlights from the LA Times.

Here is Academic and Student Affairs.

Access to the full set at:

From the LA Times:

Members of the University of California community expressed unease and concern Wednesday about Donald Trump’s presidency and its potential effects on Muslims, people who are in the country without legal permission and other vulnerable campus groups.

UC President Janet Napolitano told regents in their opening session that “understandable uncertainty and consternation” about Trump had prompted her and the chancellors to reaffirm their commitment to inclusion and equal opportunity in a public statement shortly after the election...

Albert Lemus, a non-voting regent-designate, asked... how many federal dollars could be at risk if UC chose to become a “sanctuary campus” protecting those in the country without legal sanction. “I suspect all of it could be at risk,” (was the answer).*

Regents did not discuss a tuition increase but are scheduled to take a deep dive Thursday into financial issues, including the budget, financial aid and tuition levels...

In other business, a regents committee approved stricter rules against board members who violate UC policies on ethical conduct and sexual harassment, even if their actions occur in private settings. The proposal by board Chairwoman Monica Lozano was prompted by disclosures that Regent Norman J. Pattiz made comments about the breasts and looks of women who worked at his PodcastOne business in Beverly Hills.

“The University of California has taken a strong, unequivocal stance on sexual violence and sexual harassment,” Lozano said. “We do not tolerate such conduct anywhere in our campus community.”

The full board will vote Thursday on the proposal, which would require all regents to take sexual-harassment-prevention training and subject them to possible sanctions if they acted unethically or displayed sexual misconduct. The sanctions could include a written censure or removal from committee leadership positions, but only the state attorney general has the power to remove a regent for serious misconduct such as corruption or felony crimes, according to Charles R. Robinson, the regents’ general counsel. 

The committee also agreed to take a deeper look later at what other private behavior would be subject to the new rules after Regent John A. Pérez raised questions about whether the new rules would cover broader territory, including business dealings and hate speech. Pattiz voted for the proposal but did not speak, other than to say he had started sexual-harassment-prevention training. 

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