Thursday, February 2, 2012

We Missed the Boat on Pensions With the Governor: Time to Talk to the Legislature

We missed the boat when it came to getting the governor to exempt UC from his statewide pension plan.  His plan, which now goes to the legislature, includes UC explicitly (p. 13), involves a hybrid plan (defined benefit plus defined contribution) for new hires, and has a 75% cap on retirement benefits.

A summary of the plan: The changes would kick in Jan. 1, 2013. Labor agreements that contradict the governor's plan would prevail until the pacts expire.

The statutory language includes these proposals:
• Ends additional retirement service credit purchases, or "airtime."
• Forfeits all or part of pensions for elected officials or civil servants convicted of a felony associated with their offices or jobs.
• Ends retroactive pension enhancements.
• Ends "pension holidays" for employers and employees.
• Mandates that all employees pay "at least one-half" the normal costs for defined benefit plans or the defined portion of a hybrid plan. Employers may not pick up the employee share.
• Limits the hours and wages for retirees who return to government work.
• Calculates benefits based on a 36-month average of an employees' wages.
Narrows the definition of wages that can be included for pension calculation purposes.
• Establishes a hybrid pension system for new hires. It would replace 75 percent of an employee's income after 30 years of service and a "normal" retirement age of 57 for public safety employees or, for all other workers, 35 years of service at age 67.
• Sets 5 years and 52 years old as the minimum length of service and age that safety classes can qualify for retirement, 57 years old for all other groups.
Eliminates seats on the CalPERS Board of Administration now occupied by a member of State Personnel Board and an insurance industry representative
• Gives CalPERS board membership to the Department of Finance director.
Adds an independent health insurance expert and a representative from a contracting agency to the CalPERS board, both appointed by the governor.
Adds three public representatives to CalPERS' board, two appointed by the governor and one jointly appointed by the Assembly speaker and the Senate Rules Committee.
• Sets 25 years of service as the threshold to receive 100 percent of the state's retiree health benefit. Applies to new hires only.

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Some of the plan would be in a constitutional amendment which requires a 2/3 vote of the legislature if it is to be put on by the legislature.  (It could be done by initiative but the governor is already putting a tax measure on the ballot by initiative and might have trouble getting the money for an additional pension initiative.)

In any event, as noted in a recent blog post, UCOP and the Regents need to be talking to the legislature.

The governor's proposal is at:

UPDATE: Union reaction

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