Monday, October 7, 2019

We seem to have a local whistleblower

Our local whistleblower is not anonymous. From the Bruin:

The president of the Graduate Students Association alleged Chancellor Gene Block violated the UCLA Student Fee Advisory Committee bylaws and charter in a report filed to an office of the University of California.
Zak Fisher, a law student and former member of the SFAC, filed a report* with the UC Office of the Investigator on Sept. 26. The report alleges Block postponed his support of an amendment to the SFAC bylaws after the change had been put into effect without taking measures required by its bylaws and charter.
Block postponed his support of the amendment via letter to the committee. Fisher said he believes SFAC, which is responsible for making recommendations to the chancellor for student fee revenue allocations, acted as though the amendment had been revoked between 2017 and 2019 because of Block’s letter.
The bylaw amendment was intended to reduce conflicts of interest and required students with financial connections to organizations receiving funding through SFAC allocations to recuse themselves during initial deliberations.
The bylaw was passed by an SFAC supermajority of 9 to 3 in 2017.
According to Fisher’s report, Block sent the letter to notify SFAC on Aug. 29, 2017, 84 days after the committee vote. According to the SFAC bylaws and charter, the chancellor cannot send bylaw amendments back to SFAC for review outside of the 14-day time limit and is required to meet with a quorum of SFAC members to discuss the amendment within those two weeks...

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