Tuesday, October 22, 2019

One-off problem or symptom?

The item below is reproduced with permission of the individual involved:
[Click to enlarge]
A UC retiree sent yours truly a sequence of messages involving health coverage of a dependent. I have reproduced one item above (with names removed). I am told the problem was eventually resolved after much back-and-forth with the assistance of someone from UCLA's HR office. 

From time to time, the "RASC" (UC Retirement Administration Service Center) has issued glowing customer satisfaction surveys. The issue may be a variant of the problem that arises with self-driving cars: Ninety percent of the time, routine issues are resolved. But when it comes to the unusual or irregular, you get a car wreck. Thus, most customers are satisfied, except for the small minority who are wrecked. Wrecks, however, have much more important consequences than routine issues.

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