Saturday, October 19, 2019

Earthquake Issues on UC Campuses

Nearly 600 Structures on California Colleges Have Seismic Deficiencies: Report


The UC system is currently in the midst of a comprehensive review to inspect every structure on all nine campuses and address any seismic problems by 2030. Thus far, engineers have found 526 buildings on five campuses that pose a serious threat to safety, according to records provided to NBC Bay Area... In September, school administrators sent an email to all students and faculty detailing the seismic inspection results... 

In a statement, the UC Office of the President said it is “exploring sources of funding to help with building retrofits,” and hopes to receive money from a bond measure scheduled to go on the ballot in March 2020. “After the updated ratings on a substantial number of buildings are thoroughly evaluated and confirmed by engineers, each campus will start prioritizing and planning its retrofitting work to meet the location-specific needs," the statement said. "For buildings that may pose serious concerns following the validation of updated ratings, each campus will prepare action plans that may include retrofits or interim relocation as warranted. While the updated ratings are being assessed, previously planned upgrades will progress as the university continues to take appropriate safety measures."

"University structures meet the applicable California Building Code in effect at the time of their construction and at the time of a seismic renovation. UC believes it is important to proactively upgrade its buildings to incorporate the best guidance, knowledge and science available to protect its community,” the UC statement reads in part...

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