Thursday, May 4, 2017

Moving Towards Slippery Slope?

Best not to try it
Interview with Assembly Speaker (and ex officio regent) Anthony Rendon:
...Q: Is it time to revisit the constitutional autonomy of the University of California?
A: Look, we don’t want to manage the UC. That’s not what we want to do in the Assembly. We do want them to be accountable. And we do want them to have the highest levels of transparency. I’ve been through this before with the (California Public Utilities Commission). I’ve been through this before with (the California Department of Parks and Recreation). This does not leave a good taste in the mouths of California taxpayers. It’s not our intention, it’s not our desire, to oversee the management of the UCs.
Q: What about budgeting separately for the Office of the President from the rest of the University? That was one key recommendation from the auditor, which the UC says would really challenge the constitutional autonomy. They're very against it.
A: That’s something we’ll have to look at, and we’ll look at moving forward, but I do see great value in that.

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