Monday, April 17, 2017

We'll see what comes in

For obvious reasons, April is the big month for California state income tax collections. Fiscal policy wonks can track the daily inflow of state income taxes at:
courtesy of the state controller. The straight line on the chart above shows the current estimate for what is projected to arrive in April. If we fall short of the line as of April 30, the governor's "May Revise" budget proposal may be tightened. If we go over the line, the legislature may push for more spending than the governor would like. Either way, there could be implications for the UC appropriation.

Due to the weekend positioning of April 15 and Emancipation Day today, (your) taxes are due tomorrow, April 18. However, there is an alternative option:

Back in 2012, this blog attributed the saying

“Pay your taxes with a smile unless, of course, they insist on cash”

to Arthur Godfrey.* But apparently it has a longer history than we thought:


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