Monday, April 17, 2017

Diligence was due, but apparently didn't happen

The drama continues over the hiring of a financial official by UCLA who had some "irregularities" in his past.* From the Bruin:

A UCLA finance administrator was arrested and charged with embezzlement and fraud in New York on April 7 in connection with his former position at another university.
Carmine Marino, UCLA’s director of business and finance services who has held several positions within the City University of New York, was accused of stealing $81,000 from student tuition accounts at CUNY.
Marino surrendered and appeared before a federal magistrate in Manhattan, according to The New York Times.
UCLA spokesperson Kathryn Kranhold said in an email statement that Marino was placed on investigatory leave after his arrest.
“In light of his arrest, UCLA officials have begun an internal review of Mr. Marino’s actions as senior director of business and finance services,” Kranhold added.
Marino’s lawyer, David Scott Smith, told The New York Times he and Marino intend to vigorously defend against the charges.
One might expect that someone might be held responsible for missing the circumstances of Mr. Marino's exit from CUNY. But we doubt heads will roll:

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S.M. Jacoby said...

This was known well before UCLA hired him. NY Times:

Jane Sovern, CUNY’s interim general counsel and vice chancellor for legal affairs, noted that the university had first noticed the misconduct, which led to Mr. Marino being dismissed from his last position, at the City College of New York, and Mr. Marino was then “barred from any future employment with CUNY.