Sunday, April 9, 2017

Computer Warning

The warning below was received from the Anderson IT group:

This message is to bring to your immediate attention to be highly suspicious of any Word document that arrives in an e-mail, even if the sender is well known.

There are current reports of infected Word documents arriving to users email inboxes that take advantage of a recently disclosed vulnerability in Word. McAfee experts say the vulnerability affects all current Office versions on all Windows operating systems.

Current workaround is to ensure that 'Office Protected View' is enabled as this will disable and prevent the exploit from executing when opening an infected attachment. 'Office Protected View' is enabled by default in Office 2016/2013.

Microsoft is expected to release a patch for this vulnerability during its upcoming patch release cycle this Tuesday, April 11.

Always think twice before clicking on links or opening attachments. Be cautious about all messages you receive, even those that appear to be from people you know, legitimate organizations, your favorite retailers, or even your bank. The messages could be spoofed and be malicious. Use known, trusted URLs instead of clicking on links.

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