Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Funding Research & Teaching

We're always happy to report on large donations to UCLA that do not involve construction of a new building:

The upcoming movie “The Promise” is a love story set during the Armenian Genocide of 1915, when the Turkish Ottoman government systematically killed up to 1.5 million Armenians through large scale massacres and forced marches into the Syrian desert. The killings led to the creation of the term “genocide” and to the formation of large communities of Armenian diaspora, including in Los Angeles.
“For many people, the Armenian Genocide is not well known,” said Dr. Eric Esrailian, a co-producer of “The Promise” and co-chief of the Division of Digestive Diseases at UCLA’s medical school. “For 102 years, there’s been a systematic denial campaign.”
Now, $20 million of proceeds from the movie, which opens Friday, will be used to create a new institute within UCLA’s law school. The Promise Institute for Human Rights “will put our law school and this university at the forefront of human rights education and advocacy,” said Jennifer L. Mnookin, dean of the law school in announcing the institute Monday. The $20 million is the largest donation the law school has ever received to create an institute, Mnookin said.
...According to the school, the institute "will expand UCLA Law's course offerings in human rights studies, enhance hands-on programs in human rights law and policy, publish research and policy assessments, bring experienced human rights scholars and practitioners to UCLA Law as faculty members and guest speakers, support students through fellowships and scholarships, and host symposia and related events."...

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