Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pill Bill

Like most U.S. colleges and universities, the University of Californa and the California State University systems do not offer medical abortions—pills that terminate a pregnancy, which public health officials have deemed relatively safe.

UC schools require students to have insurance that covers abortions, while CSU does not require students to obtain insurance of any kind. Universities in both systems partner with off-campus abortion providers.

A measure by Democratic Senator Connie Leyva would require the systems to provide abortion pills at their student health centers. Leyva introduced the bill after UC Berkeley declined student petitions to provide the medication at its on-campus health center...

Angela Gilliard of the University of California said the system does not formally oppose the legislation, but has concerns about the cost to students."Student health centers are supported by student fees," Gilliard said. "Adding specialists for this service would add an additional expense directly for students." ...

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The bill actually covers community colleges, too. It requires CSU and community colleges to offer the service. It makes funding for UC student clinics conditional on offering the service. See:

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