Thursday, April 13, 2017

Still complaining about the out-of-state cap...

...but no gratitude for the extra revenue out-of-state students provide. [From Capitol Weekly]

It’s a common story. California high school graduates with top grades and scores still aren’t able to get into the University of California campus of their choice.

Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, says he hears that complaint from constituents “all the time – at Trader Joe’s, at soccer fields and walking down the street.” Instead of getting accepted to UC Berkeley or UCLA, many highly qualified students are referred to less popular campuses like UC Merced and UC Riverside. Meanwhile, nonresidents get their first choice at the most sought-after schools.

A decade ago, nonresident enrollment in the UC system was 5 percent.

He and other legislators asked UC last year to address the problem and are irritated that the university is proposing a 20 percent cap on nonresidents at most campuses, which is higher than the current system-wide percentage – 16.5 percent of UC’s 210,170 undergraduates.

UC’s proposal places an even higher nonresident cap on the most popular campuses, keeping it at existing levels – 24.4 percent at UC Berkeley, 22.9 percent at UC San Diego and 22.8 percent at UCLA. A decade ago, nonresident enrollment in the UC system was 5 percent...

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Of course, if the legislature would like to come up with the extra revenue out-of-staters provide...

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