Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Minutiae on Mnuchin?

There is an announcement from the Trump transition organization that Steven Mnuchin is to be Secretary of the Treasury and that he is a member of the "UCLA Health System Board."

...A statement this morning from the presidential transition team announcing Trump’s intent to nominate Mnuchin said he is a member of the board of The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the UCLA Health System board, the Los Angeles Police Foundation, as well as a number of organizations in New York.


That information may have come from his Bloomberg profile which also lists him as a member of the "UCLA Health System Board":

Now, there is a UCLA Health leadership team:

And there is a UCLA Health Executive Oversight Board:

When I type "Mnuchin" and "UCLA" into Google, I do find:

...OneWest Foundation is the philanthropic branch of OneWest Bank, led by Steven Mnuchin, Chairman of the Bank. "Steven Mnuchin and the Foundation's commitment to support the important lifestyle education arm of our effort is gratefully acknowledged and vital to children developing the skills to manage their own diabetes," said Dr. Kuk-Wha Lee, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Interim Chief, Division of Endocrinology, Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA...


So Mnuchin has some philanthropic connection to UCLA.

But when I type in "UCLA Health System Board" into Google, I don't find such a Board.

Perhaps someone would like to clarify. ???  What is the Board? Who is on it?

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