Saturday, April 9, 2016

UC Needs Funds, Not Limits

Interesting bipartisan op ed on a normally conservative website:

Dick Ackerman and Mel Levine co-chair the California Coalition for Public Higher Education. Ackerman is a former Republican California State Senator and Assemblyman, and Levine is a former Democratic U.S. Congressman and State Assemblyman.

We need to open doors wider at the University of California to allow more Californians in, but proposed legislation to limit out of state enrollment at UC campuses is misguided and counterproductive.
AB 1711 by Assemblyman Kevin McCarty of Sacramento would limit the enrollment of out of state and international students.  This proposal fails to get a passing grade in economics, arithmetic or logic.  On top of regular tuition—about $12,000 a year—non-residents pay an additional $25,000 annually, more than enough to cover the costs of an additional California student.  That’s not even talking about the benefits of bringing some of the nation’s and the world’s brightest young minds to our campuses and our state.  It is also true that a great number of non-residents who come to California for an education stay and contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of the state.
The simple truth is that worthy California residents are not being displaced by out of state students.  The reason that qualified applicants from our state find it so hard to get in is that the State has been starving the UC system for the past quarter century...

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