Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Uh Oh!

Henry Moore in UCLA Sculpture Garden:
Two-Piece Reclining Figure (What was he thinking?)
Back in 1968, student unrest spread from Columbia U westward around the country. Will our Sculpture Garden be the site of a repeat? From Inside Higher Ed:

Columbia students are signing a petition and speaking out against plans to install a Henry Moore sculpture, "Reclining Figure" (at right in another installation of the sculpture), in a prominent place on campus. "The bronze monument, titled 'Reclining Figure,' was sculpted by the noted English artist Henry Moore. It 'is meant to suggest the form of a woman with her legs outstretched before her, propping herself up with her forearm,'" the petition says. "As both inheritors and wards of our beautiful campus, we object to this desecration of our home..."

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