Thursday, April 21, 2016

Feel Good Legislation

A bill that would cap out-of-state enrollment in the UC system is one step closer to becoming a law after state lawmakers voted 10-3 Tuesday to move the bill to a committee that will evaluate its financial viability.
Amid tension between the University of California and state leadership over space on UC campuses for California students, state Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, introduced Assembly Bill 1711 in January designed to cap UC enrollment of out-of-state students at 15.5 percent of the total undergraduate student body.
The vote to push AB 1711 forward in the legislative process comes after a report by the California state auditor on UC nonresident enrollment.
“The State Auditor recently found that although the UC has insisted that non-resident students do not supplant resident California students, in fact, it continues to grow its nonresident population and displace many of California’s students and families,” McCarty said in a press release.
UC Student Association President Kevin Sabo sees AB 1711 as an attempt to “grab the media’s attention and force a conversation” rather than provide a solution that takes UC funding into account...
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