Friday, April 8, 2016

Funnel to UC

From an emailed alert of the Sacramento Bee for today:*

With so much attention on higher education, Senate President pro tem Kevin de León intends to unveil a bill today to offer more advanced college-readiness coursework in K-12 schools and help low-income students become more qualified applicants for the University of California. De León's office has remained hush-hush about the details of Senate Bill 1050 , introduced in February as a spot bill, and says it will give school districts and charter schools incentives to offer more "rigorous" work and funnel more disadvantaged students into the UC system.

De León intends to introduce the bill, alongside Senators Ed Hernandez, D-Azusa, and Richard Pan, D-Sacramento and numerous educational leaders, at San Gabriel High School at 10 a.m today.
Although dated April 7, it appeared today and can now be found at:

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