Sunday, April 24, 2016

Did anyone at the Bee check?

The Sacramento Bee has an article with the headline:

Tabloid says it has proof: Ted Cruz’s father is mystery man in Lee Harvey Oswald photo*

The tabloid in question is the National Enquirer so you can draw your own conclusion about the likely veracity of the story. In any case, the allegation is based on a photo showing Oswald with someone whose identity is unknown. In the article, you will find this sentence:

And Carole Lieberman, a University of California - Los Angeles forensic psychiatrist and expert witness based in Beverly Hills, California, compared the photos and told the Enquirer “they seem to match.”

Apart from the question of why a psychiatrist would be someone to consult about matching photos, there is a claimed link to UCLA in the article. Yet if you go to the easy-to-find online UCLA directory,** no such person is listed. If you go to the link to the psychiatrist's website provided in the Bee article and poke around,*** there are various connections to UCLA listed on the CV including "Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry" at NPI but, again, nothing in the online directory. Now the directory could be wrong. But there are many folks in the LA area that have had some connection to UCLA (degree, service, etc.) at one time without being "regular," ongoing faculty members. In the future, the Bee might want to go beyond the standards of the National Enquirer.
** I tried variations on the name such as Leiberman instead of Lieberman, just Lieberman without the first name, and checked all folks with just "Carole."
*** and (scroll down).

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