Thursday, April 28, 2016

3 Strikes and She's Sort of Out

UC Prez Napolitano has put UC-Davis Chancellor Katehi on paid leave while an investigation goes forward into three charges, only one of which relates to the Internet clean-up affair and none of which relates to the DeVry/board membership affair.

The charges are 1) nepotism violations related to campus employment of close relatives, 2) greater involvement in the Internet clean-up than had been represented, and 3) a whistleblower complaint involving misdirection of student fees. (Exactly what #3 entails is not clear.)

The charges are contained in a letter from Napolitano to Katehi:

This is the kind of matter that usually gets resolved with money changing hands:*

Katehi attorney Melinda Guzman** issued a statement following the announcement that called Napolitano’s move “entirely unjustified.”
“This smacks of scapegoating and a rush to judgment driven purely by political optics, not the best interests of the university or the UC system as a whole,” Guzman wrote. “The Chancellor welcomes an independent, objective investigation and a full release of all relevant documents and public records.
“Make no mistake: we intend to vigorously defend Linda’s professional reputation and her standing as Chancellor of the university she loves.”
*In the end, the pepper spray cop got $38 K. Source:

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