Friday, January 22, 2016


From the Daily Bruin:

The University of California regents voted on Thursday to add a new student adviser to their board, pushing through a resolution proposed by Student Regent Avi Oved last year.
The Committee on Governance unanimously approved the new position at the January regents meeting in San Francisco.
Oved spearheaded the effort to add the adviser position, saying its creation would bring a more diverse perspective to the regents.
The student adviser will serve on three committees, prioritizing the ones the student regent and the student regent-designate do not serve. The adviser will have no voting power, but will make recommendations to the board on issues of concern to the student population. Additionally, the student adviser will only have access to open-session regents meetings.
The project will be launched as a two-year pilot program with the search for the new student adviser beginning next academic year, Oved said. He added the new adviser will take office July 2017...
As we have noted in prior postings, this may be the occasion for looking at whether the faculty should have at least one voting Regent.
Also as noted, it takes time for us to record the Regents' meetings in real time so that they will be indefinitely archived. We will eventually get to it. We have already posted the prior day session.

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