Friday, January 15, 2016

Going Down

Following a blistering budget battle with Gov. Jerry Brown last year that stirred debate about tuition increases and recruiting out-of-state students, the number of Californians enrolled at the University of California has dropped.
About 1,600 fewer California students were enrolled at UC’s nine undergraduate campuses last fall as compared with the fall 2014 semester, including 1,317 fewer resident freshmen. UC declined to provide a breakdown by campus.
While the university and the state fought over money last spring, UC instructed campuses to keep enrollment flat. All colleges have to estimate how many of the students they admit will ultimately enroll, and campuses offered to accept about 1,150 fewer Californians than they did the previous year. Spokeswoman Dianne Klein said not as many of them agreed to attend as UC expected...
The drop came as UC is facing growing pressure to expand access for Californians. Last June’s budget deal included a $25 million incentive for the university if it adds 5,000 more slots for resident students by the 2016-17 academic year...
How low can we go?

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