Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Irvine Flag Story Seems Endless: Interest in it doesn't flag

You may recall some time back there was an incident about a student group at UC-Irvine that didn't want to post an American flag. A brouhaha was set in motion. (If you don't recall it, use the search engine on this blog and put in the word "flag.") Somehow, the incident seems to have sprung back to life:

UC Irvine officials Wednesday rejected the campus’ black student union‘s demands that the university’s police force be disbanded due to allegations of abuse of power. The organization accused two educators* of “interrogating” a black student and buttonholing them into making a “public apology” or else “they would not receive protection against the multitude of death threats and vulgar insults they were receiving day and night from students on UCI’s campus and the citizens of Orange County.” The organization claimed one student “received multiple emails and phone calls in which people threatened to lynch and rape her.” The group alleged that university officials made her contact information public. The organization argues that the threats came after the student joined five classmates in voting to pass a resolution banning the displays of flags from any nation in a student government room.
UCI officials denied the claims and praised its police force...
The story is unclear about who the "educators" were.

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