Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Process, due or not?

There seems to be a focus on due process issues in the news today. Inside Higher Ed has an article concerning presidential-candidate Bernie Sanders' statement that allegations of sexual assault in universities and colleges should be referred to police.

Sanders seems to regard internal university review processes as inadequate in his remarks which come in response to a question.

You can find the article at The actual statement occurs around the 30-minute mark in a YouTube video which you can find at

Inside Higher Ed also has an article about a decision by a California congressional representative to disclose the edited contents of an internal, and apparently confidential, sexual harassment review of a faculty member undertaken by the U of Arizona. The article references another case at UC-Berkeley. See

Finally, a letter to the editor in the Daily Bruin by a former regent raises issues about due process in Title IX reviews at UCLA. See

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