Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Time for a Faculty (Voting) Seat at the Table?

Up to now, the UC faculty has gotten along with two non-voting Academic Senate reps at the Regents. In contrast, students have a voting Regent and a non-voting rep (the student Regent-elect) plus some other non-voters on committees. Some would argue that the system "works," so why change it? However, it is now reported that at their January 20-21 meeting (whose agenda is yet to be posted), a proposal for another (non-voting) student rep will be considered. See below. So, it would seem to be the time to consider or reconsider creating at least one voting faculty Regent. From the Bruin:

University of California students may have more influence on the Board of Regents if a proposal to add another student position passes at the board’s January meeting. The student adviser to the regents would serve as an advisory member on three Board of Regents committees, prioritizing committees on which the student regent or student regent-designate do not serve, said student regent Avi Oved. Oved said the proposed adviser would be able to request documents and provide a complementary perspective, but will not have voting powers. The California State constitution would have to be amended to extend voting privileges to the adviser, Oved added. The Committee on Governance will first consider the proposal, which was drafted by Oved. If the committee approves the proposal on Jan. 20, the entire Board of Regents will vote on it the next day...

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