Sunday, January 10, 2016

Regents agenda partly online

Regents meeting: September 1977
The agenda for the January 20-21 Regents meeting is now partly online.* (The basic agenda is posted; the attachments are not.) There seem to be a large number of closed or Regents-only sessions this time around. Among the closed sessions is one of the Committee of Finance dealing with litigation. One of the cases to be reviewed is a 2013 challenge to the UCLA Grand Hotel.** There is also scheduled a dismissal of the UC-Riverside faculty member by the full board.

Certain professional degree tuitions are up for increase. And the Committee on Governance will consider a proposal to add another student advisor. Also in the open sessions, there is approval of establishing the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.***

What seems to be missing from the agenda, at least in any obvious place, is the pension option for new hires that was supposed to be unveiled by the January Regents meeting. Perhaps it could be discussed when the state budget is discussed by the Committee on Finance. But there is no indication of that possibility on the agenda. Note that if there is no option ready, the next Regents meeting is in March. The timeline for going from a proposal to an implementable actual benefit plan by July 1 is very limited. The governor's budget explicitly indicates that the pension contributions are based on the assumption that the option will be implemented by July 1.

**Save Westwood Village v. Christovale et al.

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