Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Listen to the Regents Meeting of Sept. 18

As promised in last evening's post, we provide a link below to the audio of the Regents meeting of Sept. 18. 

Summary: The public comment period featured calls for fossil fuel divestment (mainly by student speakers), opposition to Prop 46 on the November ballot (drug testing of docs; raising cap on med malpractice awards), and a student promoting CalPIRG.

The Committee on Compensation dealt with the appointment of a new chancellor at Irvine, a policy that would index chancellors' pay to an outside reference group (with specifics to be worked out in the next 6 months), a proposal (which we dealt with in last evening's post) to delegate authority over big buck athletic coach pay to chancellors and the UC prez (tabled after reservations expressed by the Lt. Governor and some regents), and other big buck salary hikes.  The Committee on Health Services dealt with problems in student health programs, Ebola concerns regarding UC students and others in Africa, a clinical strategic plan for UC-San Francisco, effects of Prop 46, and concerns about student mental health funding under Prop 63 coming to an end. 

The Committee on Grounds and Buildings presented a capital improvements budget and an addition to the Berkeley business school.  Then the Committee on Oversight of the Dept. of Energy Labs session featured a lengthy presentation on global warming and the evidence that the cause of the warming is not solar fluctuation but rather man-made linked to fossil fuel emissions.  Dates were set for the 2016 calendar of Regents' meetings.  Finally, the UC prez delivered a short statement including reference to faculty awards.

Listen at the link below:

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