Monday, September 8, 2014


The San Francisco Chronicle has an interesting article about a UC campus you didn't know about - in Armenia.

Wedged like a peach pit surrounded by Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iran sits a nation half the size of Lake Michigan with great weather, ancient history, and a dazzling private university run largely by - that's right - the University of California. Its students have the freedom to choose their own classes. They can spar with faculty. And, most unusually for Armenia, they don't need to bribe a professor for a better grade. Aimée Dorr, UC's provost, is a trustee of the American University of Armenia, which opened to undergraduates for the first time last year. 

Eight other UC professors, deans, finance executives and retired leaders and academics also sit on its 22-member Board of Trustees. Karl Pister, former chancellor of UC Santa Cruz, is one of them. Larry Pitts, ex-UC provost, is chairman of the board - a role retiring UC provosts agree to take on. The new president of the Armenian university is a professor on leave from UC Berkeley. Now he gazes out at Mount Ararat from campus instead of Mount Tamalpais...

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