Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oh! That! Yeah, there’s that.

From a news media interview with UC president Janet Napolitano:

MarketWatch: What are you reading?
Napolitano: What am I reading right now?
MarketWatch: Yes.
Napolitano: I’m reading Scott Berg’s biography of Woodrow Wilson. It’s a great book.
MarketWatch: Are you?
Napolitano: Yes I am.
MarketWatch: Why?
Napolitano: Well, I read lots of biography and history.
MarketWatch: But why Woodrow Wilson?
Napolitano: You know. Why not? And I don’t know much about Woodrow Wilson. It seems to me reasonable that I should.
MarketWatch: All I know is he was a university president who went on to run for president.
Napolitano: Oh! That! Yeah, there’s that. No. Actually what happened is, I was being interviewed by a reporter from L.A. And we got to talking about books. And I loaned him a biography, and he asked me if I’d read this biography about Woodrow Wilson, and I said no. So he sent me a copy, so that’s what I’m reading...

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Note: We'll check back to see if she later reads a biography of Dwight Eisenhower who was president of Columbia University on his way to the White House.

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