Monday, February 3, 2014

$10 Million

Faithful blog readers will recall that last November we reported on the case of Judge Cunningham, an LA Superior Court judge and former head of the LA Police Commission, who made the mistake of DWB (driving while black) in Westwood - not on campus - and had an encounter with the UCLA police because his seat belt was unfastened.

We suggested some quick abject apologies from the chancellor at the time before the lawyers got hold of this matter.  Like many of our suggestions, however, it was... well, you know, not given much weight.


An African-American family law judge filed a $10 million claim against UCLA campus police, alleging he was roughed up and handcuffed after being stopped for a seat belt violation, his attorney announced today.  Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Cunningham filed the claim Jan. 16, according to his lawyer, Carl Douglas. A claim is a precursor to a lawsuit. UCLA police spokeswoman Nancy Greenstein did not immediately reply to a call seeking comment...

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UPDATE: The LA Times picks up the story at,0,6455922.story

It should be an interesting ride from here.  Better buckle up:

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