Monday, November 12, 2012

When Southern Californians are the Out-of-State Students much as we enjoy your tuition.
Inside Higher Ed today has an article about Southern California students attending the U of Oregon.  The idea of attracting out-of-state students who pay full freight (and thus subsidize in-state students) is hardly unique to UC.  UO is doing the same thing.  And some folks are saying that the Southern Californians recruited by UO are not serious academics.  You can find the posting at:

If you go to that post, you will find a link to a longer article about those Southern Californians:

SoCal students and other out-of-staters come from families who can write a check for their children to attend because families on federal grants couldn’t assemble the money to cover the comparatively steep out-of-state tuition, said Roger Thompson, UO vice president for enrollment management. Some of the newcomers are not as serious about school as their Oregon classmates who attend college by piecing together federal grants, loans and part-time jobs, said a UO junior from Oregon, Brandi Gardner.  It’s an attitude, Gardner said.  “Cs get degrees," she said. “It’s a pretty popular motto for people who are here to get the degree so they can get the job and don’t want to work that hard for it.”  The saying irritates Gardner and best friend Kristi Carr, a junior also from Oregon who pays for school in part by working the front desk at the Econo Lodge on Sixth Avenue...  The pair said they can see why it’s good for the UO to recruit students from California, because they pay three times as much tuition as in-state students and they spend a lot of money in the community...

Of course, maybe what has gone wrong is that the Southern Californians aren't used to all that Oregon rain:

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