Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When the Governor Says Freeze (Professional School Tuition), the Regents Dance to His Tune

In the wake of Prop 30's passage, the governor has requested that the professional school tuition increases that were supposed to be on the Regents' agenda today be frozen.  From the LA Times:

...UC officials dropped consideration of a possible 20%, or $2,400, mid-year tuition hike for all students after Proposition 30 prevailed. But remaining on the agenda was the separate proposal to raise tuition next year for more than 50 graduate and professional degree programs in such areas as business, dentistry, law and social work. Under the plan, the so-called professional degree supplemental tuition would have increased from 1.2% to 35%, depending on the campus and department. Most would have been 7% or lower. Those supplemental fees are in addition to the basic $12,192 tuition. For example, the proposal would have raised the supplemental fee at UCLA's graduate business program to $28,052, an increase of $1,626; total tuition for that program would have been $40,244 a year. The graduate nursing program at UC Irvine would have gone up to $10,440 with the supplemental fee, a $2,700 increase; total tuition would have been $22,632 under the plan. According to a UC statement released Tuesday, the governor asked for "additional time to allow him to develop a better understanding of the policies and methodology" of the graduate and professional school charges.

Full story at:,0,2973358.story

I've heard about the payer of the piper calling the tune.  In this case, it is the averter of a pay cut (trigger cut) to the piper calling the tune:

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