Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some of the best gubernatorial metaphors are mixed

Governor Brown has been emphasizing that just because the legislative Democrats now seem to have a supermajority needed to pass taxes and override vetoes on spending, it would be wrong to expect that he will let them.  We have cautioned, therefore, that expectations of big enhancements of the UC budget are misplaced. Our past posts on the governor's analogies and metaphors have featured aircraft and Biblical references.  But some of the best metaphors are mixed.

For example, in explaining how he got Prop 30 passed by voters, the governor said:

"Some people began to read tea leaves incorrectly," Brown told reporters. "And then you all go off like a herd of buffalo down the road. Hopefully you're all now back on the plane of common sense."

Given the choice of metaphors, we'll stick with tea:

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