Monday, January 10, 2011

Mystery Phrasing: Budget Calls for Minimizing Tuition and Enrollment Impacts But What Does That Mean?

Excerpt below in italics from the UC portion of the governor's proposed budget, page 150. See earlier blog entry for link to budget. What does the statement mean? Minimizing tuition and enrollment impacts is not the same thing as averting them (or trying to prohibit them).

Targeted Reductions — A decrease of $500 million in 2011‑12 to reflect necessary
funding reductions to help resolve the budget deficit. These reductions are intended
to minimize fee and enrollment impacts on students by targeting actions that lower
the costs of instruction and administration. The Administration will work with
the Office of the President and the Regents, as well as stakeholders (including
representatives of students and employees), to determine the specific mix of
measures that can best accomplish these objectives.

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