Sunday, July 22, 2018

Retiree Health to Remain Largely Unchanged Next Year

We have noted in past blog posts that retiree health benefits turned out not to be on the agenda of the Regents' July meetings, now concluded. At one time, it appeared that the July meeting might be the scene of significant changes. Recall also that a year ago, an item on retiree health did appear on the Regents' agenda, but was then removed after an outcry from the Senate that there had been no advance consultation.

The upshot was that a special working group was formed to look at retiree health and come up with recommendations. As it turned out, the timing was too late for the July Regents meeting. But the working group has now issued a report, the UC prez has read it, and she has endorsed the recommendations, one of which is that there will be no major changes in 2019. The group will continue to deliberate.

Below you will find a link to the report and below that you will find the response and endorsement of the UC prez:

You can also go directly to the two documents at the links below:

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