Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Let there be light (bulbs)

The University of California is spearheading a statewide effort to advance the purchase of 1 million high-quality, energy-efficient light bulbs for campus buildings and residences across the state. 
Under the new Million Light Bulb Challenge community buy program, all UC students, staff, faculty and alumni can purchase light bulbs at nearly half the price of online competitors.
“High-quality LED light sources help reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our energy use, and save money,” said UC President Janet Napolitano. “We are excited to launch this challenge and swap out at least a million inefficient light sources.”

About the challenge

Inspired by research conducted by the California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis, the UC Office of the President spearheaded the Million Light Bulb Challenge to procure high-quality, energy-efficient light sources. UC is collaborating with the California Community College system, the California State University system and the California Department of General Services in this large-scale effort. The collaborative is working with employees at all campus buildings and is providing a new community-buy program...
UC students, staff, faculty and alumni can purchase light bulbs via the secure Million Light Bulb Challenge website and have them shipped directly to their home. The website features a number of educational resources to help consumers understand their options and support their lighting purchases. Users also will be able to see the total number of light bulbs purchased, estimated energy savings and estimated reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions...

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gassstationwithoutpumps said...

The website for the million light bulb challenge seems designed to fail—you have to click through several links to get to any real information about what is available, and you have to provide contact information before you get any price information. It has all the earmarks of a scam site—was this deliberate?