Thursday, August 10, 2017

Interesting Discussion/Debate

Prof. Andrew Apter
Dennis Prager
You may be unaware of a controversy surrounding the Santa Monica Symphony which is giving a benefit concert in Disney Hall August 16. Usually, concerts are held in Santa Monica and are free. The musicians are a mix of professionals and amateurs. The powers-that-be in the Symphony invited conservative talk-radio host Dennis Prager (KRLA radio in LA and other stations) - who is an amateur conductor - to conduct the benefit concert. Two UCLA professors, Andrew Apter and Michael Chwe, protested the selection and said they wouldn't participate. They circulated a letter that involved some version of a boycott (what it was is part of the controversy). These events then became a brouhaha in conservative media and spilled over into regular news media. It became linked to the controversies around disinvited and blocked conservative speakers on university campuses. For background:
Long story short, Prof. Apter recently appeared on the Prager show and the two debated very civily. Click on link below:

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