Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Can we get some adult supervision in the room at UC-Irvine before the politicians arrive?

Waiting for supervision
SACRAMENTO — Hundreds of students planning to attend UC Irvine this fall were told that their acceptance into the university had been withdrawn, prompting San Francisco Assemblyman Phil Ting on Monday to call on UC President Janet Napolitano to intervene. Nearly 500 students had their admission withdrawn at the school when the UC Irvine admissions office began a stricter review of acceptances and informed students who had missed deadlines or failed to meet graduation requirements that their spots had been forfeited. Students are able to appeal the decision, as many have...
Ting criticized UC officials for poorly communicating with the affected students, who were informed of their admissions withdrawals and rights to appeal through an email and notice that was posted on their private student portal.
“Instead of taking the initiative to effectively communicate with students making life changing decisions, Irvine played a high stakes gotcha game with students,” Ting said in a statement. “Sadly, this fiasco is not an isolated incident.”
Two years ago, a similar incident at UC Santa Cruz resulted in hundreds of students being told their admission had been revoked. After lawmakers intervened, UC officials promised they would ensure it did not happen again...
How about just announcing that they're all admitted, we apologize, and disciplinary action has been taken regarding those responsible?

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