Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Creative Fiction

Irvine's admission scandal continues:
UCI came under scrutiny in the last week when news that it rescinded 499 admission offers, a seemingly high number, made headlines in major news outlets across the country.
By comparison, UCLA rescinded a total of seven admission offers this year. UC Riverside rescinded about 90 offers, all for students receiving D or F grades during their senior years.
UCI officials, while acknowledging that they took a harder stance when it came to whether to rescind some offers, also said the process could have been handled better. They have sped up the appeal process so students get answers soon.
“We do not make decisions to deny an application lightly or make decisions to rescind lightly,” said Thomas Parham, vice chancellor for student affairs.*
As of Tuesday, 120 students who appealed have been reinstated, according to UCI spokesman Tom Vasich. Most reinstatements dealt with transcript issues, such as the university not receiving transcripts by the deadline from the students’ high schools. Another 226 appeals are pending...
*One solution for the excess enrollment would be to add a course in creative fiction. Mr. Parham could teach it.

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