Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Seriously, let's do a test and see what happens - Part 2

Testing, Testing
Ten days ago, this blog noted a newspaper critique of chancellor salary packages - that one in the San Francisco Chronicle.* Since then, there have been other similar complaints in newspapers.

There have also been complaints from the governor and lieutenant governor (both of whom are ex officio regents). We proposed that when the next chancellorial vacancy opens up, at whatever UC campus, a search committee be formed which would include reps from the editorial board of critical newspapers, and some regents, which could include the governor, lieutenant governor, and maybe some others. Let them decide in advance what they consider to be a fair compensation package. And then let them recruit and see what they turn up. If they get great candidates for less than the current search process produces, it would be all to the good. If they don't...

Here are the latest complaints:

And just a note to emphasize that this is a serious proposal. Maybe there are great candidates who would do the job for the prestige, or out of a feeling for public service, or whatever. There could be variations in the composition of the committee. They key point is to determine in advance what a fair and reasonable compensation package would be.

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