Saturday, November 5, 2016

Live Horse

Indeed, it is still moving
We continue in our friendly efforts to help UCOP News Clips notice the remarks of Regent Pattiz by providing links to the spreading story (since the story went unnoticed last week). We're not quite beating a dead horse on this matter since the Regents are meeting soon. In fact, some of them are meeting on November 7 (Monday) in a closed session to discuss selection of a new chancellor for Berkeley:
And then there is the regular Regents meeting (largely open) scheduled for November 16-17, less than two weeks away, where the subject will be hard to avoid:

New York Times
University official apologizes after woman airs audiotape of him sexually harassing her

NY Magazine
A University of California Regent Was Recorded Sexually Harassing a Woman at His Company

UC Regent Is Sorry 'If' He Sexually Harassed His Employees by Asking to Hold Their Breasts

Media Confidential
Industry Figure Norm Pattiz Regrets Comments About Breasts

UC regent accused of sexually harassing women in his podcast studio

It's even got on Pattiz's Wikipedia page where one can read:
Pattiz has been criticized for making sexual jokes and remarks to women, according to an article published in the Los Angeles Times. Pattiz issued a statement that came close to an apology on November 1, 2016, stating that "There is no excuse for any such comments or making anyone feel uncomfortable. . . . If I did that, I sincerely apologize, and it will be a valuable learning experience.” 

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