Monday, November 7, 2016

Next Week's Regents Meeting

The Regents will be meeting next week, Nov. 16-17. (We earlier noted that they are meeting today in closed session concerning selection of a new Berkeley chancellor.) The agenda is now posted with attachments. Under the new format, there will be simultaneous committee meetings, some of greater interest than others. Probably the most interesting on Nov. 16 will be the Finance and Capital Strategies Committee. Included is "debt policy" which came up at the last meeting and involves connecting unfunded pension debt with other forms of debt. It's not clear what the Regents want to do with that issue.
Somewhat related is the meeting of the Governance and Compensation Committee that will be setting pay for the chief investment officer (who didn't have a great outcome in terms of returns to the portfolio to report for the last fiscal year).
The Public Engagement and Development Committee will discuss the implications of the federal, state, and local elections for UC.

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