Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Regents Meeting Today and Tomorrow

The Regents will be meeting today and tomorrow in San Francisco. As noted in a prior post, this time around they let CSU go first in discussion of a tuition rise. But they will have their own discussion now.* It will be interesting to see if Gov. Brown appears. Likely to appear - because there isn't much else for the Lieutenant Governor to do - is Gavin Newsom. It will also be interested to see what he has to say about tuition and related items. Newsom is a declared candidate for governor in 2018. Exactly what the Regents will make of recent national political developments - you know which! - will also be of interest. And finally there is the matter of Regent Norman Pattiz's sexual harassment remarks that were caught on audio. Reportedly, there will be some proposals concerning regental conduct in that sphere. Will Pattiz appear? Apologize? Take part?

All will be revealed. As usual, yours truly will archive the audio of the meeting. Since sessions are now run concurrently, there are complications in getting all of them and listening to them. But it will be done - eventually, not immediately.

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